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early turbulence

Watercolor, colored pencil, and pen, 23″ x 30″, 2020 FOR SALE $2000

Early Turbulence is the first in a series of storm paintings done during the lockdown in April 2020 when the pandemic and tyranny were both swirling about.

Are You Coming?

Pregnant Jaguar Goddess


Watercolor and pen, 2000. 37″ x 28″ framed in roma molding. FOR SALE $2700

this is one of many watercolors generated from our trip to Africa in 1999. Its somewhat androgynous figure represents the art of the indigenous woodcarver

Birdseye Mask

watercolor and pen 43″ by 35″ framed 2012 FOR SALE $2700

a fanciful and psychological self-portrait

Dream Power Beat


Dream Body

Magic River

beads on board, 12″ by 13″ framed circa 2012 FOR SALE $3000

Replanting Sacred Grove 2

Horse Shards

Tongue Flick

watercolor and pen, 2009 15″ by 23″ private collection