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Alamosa Citizen: Kathy Park – A 50 year retrospective 10/17/2021

Artist’s work explores the cracks and spaces between things, and how those things are put back together

Kathy is accompanied in these readings by her good friend –
multi-instrumentalist, producer & composer, Don Richmond.

Prisoners Write About COVID-19: ‘Who Cares When The Disposable Die?’ 5/07/20

The students use prison-issued inch-long pencils. They sit down to write, like they always do, but now it’s about how people around the country are dying behind bars. They try to imagine what the world outside thinks of them… read more

Kathy Park releases new book ‘Akido off the Mat’ 8/04/18

“Aikido Off the Mat: One woman’s journey using Aikido principles to stay sane in body, mind, and spirit” was published by North Atlantic Books in partnership with Penguin Random House. It is a deeply personal and compelling memoir that illustrates how the basic principles of Aikido (the modern Japanese martial art of peaceful reconciliation) can help cope with the challenges of life outside the dojo… read more

Storytellers: Inmates earn college degrees the old-fashioned way 6/05/18

On the outskirts of Canon City, a town steeped in old traditions is the home of Ben Gilmore working towards his college degree the old-fashioned way… read more

Couple shares journey of art—and life 2/01/18

Kathy Park’s and Henry Woolbert’s life journeys have taken them literally from coast to coast, but the place that feels most like home is in between — in the San Luis Valley… read more

These Alamosa Women Are More Than Prison Pen Pals, They’re Teachers 12/20/17

When Kathy Park Woolbert reaches into her mailbox at her home on the outskirts of Alamosa, Colorado, it’s not just the usual bills and fliers. She finds carefully crafted, sometimes exquisitely hand-written prose – from prisoners… read more