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watercolor and pen 23” by 30” 2021 FOR SALE $2000

my guardian angels out in the sage and chamisa, ever vigilant, ever wild, waiting to take me home when it’s time

Are You Coming Too?


watercolor and pen, 30″ by 38″ framed, 2015. FOR SALE $2700

gathering storm

Watercolor and pen, 23″by 30″ 2020 FOR SALE $2000

gathering storm is the second in the series of 2020 storm paintings completed in May. The early turbulence is amassing into a storm with momentum and power, obscuring the light

life rising up from below small

Underground Spring

watercolor and pen, 23″ by 30″ unframed 2017 FOR SALE $2000

Underground spring
A place of refuge from the chaos
that has been and still is and is yet to come.
An improbable but deep-rooted spring
embraced by the taproots of mated trees,
twisted, old and resilient in their determination
to survive and sing into being every spring.
And within the intertwined roots,
a safe passage down into the quiet,
the undisturbed, the eternal,
forever generating from darkness that which brings life.

radiation visions

watercolor and pen, 23″ by 30″ 2021 unframed FOR SALE $2000

when I was receiving radiation, I kept seeing these constellations of radiant blue, but for fraction of a second, so I couldn’t really be certain of what I was seeing. I later learned from the oncologist that these flashes of blue are called the Cherenkov effect. He said not everybody sees them. I saw them every day, five days a week for six weeks.

exploding bodykiss

watercolor 1994 17″ by 22″ $450

pulsing bodykiss

watercolor 1994 17 by 22″ matted $450

spooning bodykiss

watercolor 1994 15″ by 20″ matted for sale $450

Karinas Dream 3

the journey home

watercolor and pen, 23″ by 30″ unframed 2021 FOR SALE $2000

this time in my mosaic experiments, I wanted to reflect the sky in the water. I was also thinking about Black Elk’s vision of the four differently colored horse tribes helping us through turbulent times ahead