Dreampower Art Works features the artwork of Kathy Park and Henry Woolbert. Kathy carves wood and stone, paints in watercolor, draws in colored pencil, and makes quilts. Henry paints primarily in watercolors and loves to teach art. The website also features Kathy’s writing under musings in Kathy’s tab. The pieces for sale are usually front-loaded in each portfolio. Please note that there are sometimes multiple pages of paintings and sculptures which you can navigate to by clicking next page at the bottom of each page.

Kathy is also the author of three books and a blog which can both be found in the drop don menu under Kathy.

Except for one year, we’ve lived in Colorado’s San Luis Valley since 1994, first in the tiny village of Jaroso on the border with New Mexico, and now in Alamosa, the heart of the valley. We have converted a steel barn into a studio/gallery/teaching/dojo space. In 2017 we built a small greenhouse. Meanwhile, our horse Esperanza and her buddy Stormy are enjoying life in the 15 acre field, and we are blessed with a million dollar view of Mt Blanca, aka Sisnaajini, the easternmost sacred mountain of the Dine nation.

Please enjoy the artwork on this site, which is still undergoing a renovation (and probably will continue to for quite a while), and come visit our studio!  For  more  information about Dreampower Art Works or to schedule a studio visit, please email us using the links below.

many thanks to webpage guru and all around good guy, Mark Schoenecker