iscombobulation jan19, 2024


If discombobulation isn’t a medical term, it should be.

A few days ago, we both got two vaccinations: one for flu and one for covid, which with all the holiday traffic is reinventing itself with gusto, and has caused me a bad reaction before.

I tried walking with Tina (my “queen of walk and Roll”) to the campground, about half a mile.

Too much, too soon — without realizing I had lost balance, strength, and coordination as I had with a previous covid booster.

By the time we got to the campground entrance, Henry could see I was crumpling so he went home for the car.

That’s when in addition to my mental and physical discombobulation,

the usually smooth teamwork between Henry and me became discombobulated as well.

We awkwardly stuffed me into the front seat and drove home.

Even worse was the discombobulation of getting me out of the car and back inside the house which required two guys from the campground to come help.

By that time I had no strength and I was getting bruised from their efforts to lift me, even though I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight due to the cancer. Eventually, I got manhandled into the house.

Later that evening I fell in the bedroom and rebroke an old broken toe from training in Aikido. So now I’m on strict orders to wait and ask Henry for help. It scared us both. Today is better, thank goodness.

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