Aching knees

  1. A short walk today until my knees

said enough. It’s too much pressure

and I’d much rather sleep.

My feet found all the bumps,

my body’s not aligned.

How I long to be fluid

2. as the dancers are fluid

bending deep in their knees

hips and backs aligned,

gravity distributed, pressure

turned sinuous, bumps

smoothed out. I could easily sleep.

3. I could lose myself in sleep

drift down the flowing fluid

glide over all the bumps

forget about my knees,

eliminate all pressure

who needs to be aligned?

4. The cat curled in the couch is aligned,

lost in the furry softness of sleep.

Surrendering to the pressure

of gravity with a body so fluid

it’s as if her skeleton has melted. No knees

or angles and certainly no bumps.

5. But I am full of angles and bumps

which I struggle to align

especially my aching knees

which I’d like to put to sleep

until they learn to be more fluid,

and by softening, yield to pressure.

6. The world seems full of danger, pressure,

angles, slaps, and ill-intended bumps.

The option to be centered, fluid,

grounded and aligned

seems dormant in the roots, asleep

until we get up off our grinding knees.

(envoi) Stand up and rub our arching knees

make the pressure fluid, align with the bumps,

wake up and shake off sleep.

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