Prescription: my daily dose of circle, square, and triangle


Roll with it
don’t sweat the small stuff, even if the small stuff goes on all day long
make like a duck letting problems drip off your feathers, or lick them dry like a cat
be like water flowing around boulders, knowing that eventually the rock will wear away
relax and keep your sense of humor — be silly as often as possible
fall down on the floor because your diaphragm is cramping from too much laughter
ask for help when you need it, especially if you’re sliding into the downward spiral of the blues
or being sucked up into the chaotic maelstrom of a tornado
remember that even when it seems impossible to believe, we are still all connected


don’t let nobody turn you ‘round or run you over or tell you what is and isn’t possible
this is your body, your life, your way of living and when it comes time for it, your way of dying
in any case, in every case, it is your decision every step of the way
stand firm, stand tall or sit firm and tall
there’s no need for walls — just trust your instincts.
occupy the full space of your body with your breath, your heart, your hard-earned experience
and that unknowable unnamable spark that is the essence and the center of you
lean into the support from everyone who has ever loved you. Feel it in the small of your back
keep your boundaries clear but keep them permeable, open, and flexible


speak up
advocate for yourself
state your truth even if it makes people uncomfortable
ask questions even if they think you are annoying
be persistent even if they think you’re pushy or, heaven forbid, entitled
interrupt if the doctor or nurse or mashogram technician isn’t listening
be tenacious; get what you want, especially if someone is trying to stick you with a needle
speak up and insist on the black belt nurse, the vampire with the sharpest teeth,
even if you must pencil such behavior into your outdated script
take out your sword as a last resort
or say no and stand up and leave.

1 comments on “Prescription: my daily dose of circle, square, and triangle
  1. hetty ( heather) cowan says:

    Yes to all of your beautiful circles, squares, and triangles. After what other way would express Life so clearly. Blessings on you dear woman, hetty

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