Taproot of my heart (in honor of Arundhati Roy)

She placed what felt like a round flat smooth stone on my heart.

In response to its penetrating, smoothening, deepening warmth,

my heart spread out and widened in concentric circles.

I saw a taproot extend from its chambers and plunge into the ground.

Nourished by this taproot, my heart has increased capacity

to feel, comprehend, encompass, understand.

She placed her hands above my head, tickling my short hair

as she gently felt for an opening into my cranium

as if lifting layers of wet leaves with a fine rake.

She saw the hands of her spirit guides extend

through her own hands, reach into my brain

and shrink the tumor.

When the session was over, I reached up to touch

the large, round, flat stone lying on my heart

and was astonished to find instead

a tiny, jagged chip of blue-green malachite.

Walking outside in this austere and vast valley,

I realized that something has turned.

The baby is no longer stuck in breech position.

She has turned and her head has entered the birth canal.

No doubt there’s still a long hard labor ahead,

but she is coming. Nothing can stop her

and together we can midwife her into being.

Be still.

Let the taproot of your heart plant itself deep into the ground

and know that a new way of being is already on its way.

2 comments on “Taproot of my heart (in honor of Arundhati Roy)
  1. Rhiannon says:

    Thank you Kathy and Henry. Your work reminds me to keep my eyes on the prize, know the arc of our lives, keep believing, not get distracted and love each other.

  2. hetty. Heather says:

    When I read what you have written it’s as if your art had found words, it is all so clearly from your heart, same heart language. Thank you for sharing.

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