My Guardian Angels

My guardian angels are a cynical bunch —

they knew me when I was much younger.

They’ve lost the halos ’round their heads;

their attire is veering toward grungier

They’ve saved me from getting too close to the edge

and found me when I got lost.

They talked me down from high up on the ledge

and paid bail no matter the cost.

I ignored their advice for most of the time

thinking I was immune to danger.

Despite insisting on doing just fine

now my problems have gotten much stranger.

They were inside the room when they opened my skull

to remove aggressive brain cancer.

“well you can’t say your life has been boring or dull.”

They’re embarrassed to offer no answer.

But they’ll open the door for incoming prayers,

good vibes and even crossed fingers.

Their favorite is a juju dance

with drums and a beat that lingers.

They’ll rouse themselves up from eternal slouches

to stomp and clap along.

The ones asleep on the billowy couches

will wake up and fire the bong.

I’ll take any prayer that comes my way

be it Christian, pagan, or rave.

By now my angels are too stoned to say

but irreverent prayers are their fave.

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