2020 vision

At the beginning of the year I wished for 2020 vision

in all ways possible.

I wished for us to be clear-headed and clear-hearted;

clear in our words and actions;

clear about our needs and priorities;

clear about who we love and what we must do to protect our children

for many generations to come;

I wished that we be clear about the challenges we face on Mother Earth;

clear about a peaceful, just, sustainable vision for the future

and what we can do—now—to make it so,

not just for humanity, but for all beings:

the rooted ones, the winged ones, the finned ones,

ones with legs who walk or hop upon the ground,

and the writhing ones with no legs—

we are all brothers and sisters.

I didn’t realize that my prayer would also shine a laser

illuminating dust bowl tornados of obfuscation;

muddy swamps of me-centered myopia;

darkened mazes of willful blindness,

a refusal to see, to light a candle, to accept guidance, or to even change.

What we have too much of is deception and deceit and a descent into dystopia

when what is called for is

clear vision, the big picture,

care for the seventh generation and the paradise

this Earth once was and can be again.

We need the eagle eye that sees the sky, the mountain, the field, the mouse,

and the eaglets peeping in their tree-embraced nest.

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