The times I want to remember,

the times I want to forget;

the memories I savor

and those that I regret;

the choices that felt right and true

and those that I still rue:

all the turmoil of the past two years is

settling, settling, settling.


The colors lead me home again,

the paintings open worlds.

Unpacked tools fit snugly in my hand

as tangled wings unfurl.


The chips fly off the Goddess;

her dust marbles my skin.

The studio’s a chalice,

a place to dance again.


With Henry’s warm hand at my back

I teach those I can reach.

We make up for the things we lack

and heal what has been breached.


And Esperanza in the field,

with Lucky her companion,

shows my heart to breathe and yield

as I rim the canyon.

4 comments on “Settling
  1. I appreciate your new poem. Thank you, Kathy!

  2. Natalie Schutz says:

    As usual. I love what you write!

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