The long way around

Sometimes you gotta take the long way around

The straight lines don’t work

‘cause they lead into murk

The road rattles and jerks and confounds


Sometimes the straight lines don’t lead anywhere

They may promise great rhymes

they may save you some time

but they might lure you into thin air


Sometimes you feel lost, you lose all your ground

You spin in your tracks

with no sense of your back

The compass won’t say where you’re bound


Sometimes you gotta stop, take a good look around

Look back where you’ve been

See the state that you’re in

and listen for the absence of sound


Sometimes the best way is the long way around

The road may seem longer

and you’ve gotta be stronger

but your feet on the ground will resound


Sometimes you gotta take the long way around

Get lost to get found

and end up where you’re bound

‘Cause the journey keeps circling around


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