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Books by Kathy Park

Aikido Off the Mat: One Woman's Journey using Aikido Principles to Stay Sane in Body, Mind, and Spirit

North Atlantic Books is publishing my latest book, Aikido Off the Mat, in August of 2018. Using stories from my life, the book explores how Aikido principles of center, ground, extension, blending, entering, 360 degree awareness and basic embodiment can be applied to the challenges and struggles of daily life, especially as our world gets crazier and more volatile. Part how-to and part memoir, this book will be especially helpful to anyone who wants to take Aikido off the mat and into their lives to embody peaceful conflict resolution. Please contact me if you're interested in a book reading combined with an "Off the Mat" Aikido workshop.

Cover art coming soon.


Coyote Points the Way: Borderland Stories and Plays      

Coyote Points the Way: Border Stories and Plays is a compilation of fiction, nonfiction, and 10 minute plays that explore the borderlands, both literal and figurative, where individiual resourcefulness, creativity, intuitive knowing and courage make all the difference. Many of the stories are set in Colorado's vast San Luis Valley, the largest alpine valley in the lower 48 states; two of the plays are derived from the author's experience teaching holistic health in a federal women's prison; and all of the pieces are inspired by the people, animals, times and places that continue to shape the author's life.

Coyote Points the Way is published by Stewart Warren of Mercury Heart Link, whose services I heartily recommend. You can find Coyote Points the Way on Amazon by clicking here. Please contact me if you're interested in book readings.

Coyote Points the Way book cover


Seeing into Stone: A Sculptor's Journey

Set in Darwin, California, a ghost town in the Mojave Desert, Seeing Into Stone: A Sculptor's Journey is a memoir about the author's struggle with flaws in her vision, her carvings and her new marriage as she searches for her identity as an artist. Through her fifteen-year apprenticeship with Gordon Newell, a wise and patient stone sculptor, she learns that carving stone and wood can be understood as a metaphor for life: go with the grain and not against it; trust that the form inside will emerge in its own good time; and realize that understanding comes slowly, chip by chip.

Seeing Into Stone was edited and published by Stewart Warren of Mercury Heart Link. You can find Seeing into Stone on Amazon by clicking here. Please contact me if  you're interested in book readings.

Seeing Into Stone cover


On the backburner, simmering in my soul:
a rewrite of a book I self-published years ago titled Soaring Over the Wall: A Volunteer's Collection of Prison Freedom Stories about my experience teaching holistic health in a federal women's prison.

a book of Aikido games for kids of all ages

a book about working with incarcerated writers



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