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  Henry's petroglyph paintings

Welcome to Henry's petroglyph series inspired by ancient Native American petroglyphs and his own kraaazzzy imagination.



watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil        11" by 7"     raw       SOLD!


Shaman Mask 12
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Arrowcatcher  Split Bird Spirit Split Bird Spirit  Circlepeople Gathering Circlepople Gathering  Walking Sun Walking Sun  Kokopelli's Dream Kokopelli's Dream  

 Bighorn Sheep Spirit Bighorn Sheep Spirit Arrowcatcher  Spider Inside Him Spider Inside Him  Twin Sea Serpents Twin Sea Serpents  Snake Dance Snake Dance  Startled Spirit Startled Spirit  

Dancing Lizards Dancing Lizards  Leaking Heart Bird Man Leaking Heart Bird Man  Serpent Medicine Man Serpent Medicine Man  Sea Turtle Man Sea Turtle Man  Bug-eyed Snake Man Bug-eyed Snake Man  Double Lightning Dancer Double Lightning Dancer  Aquatic Medicine Man Aquatic Medicine Man  Seaweed Spirit Seaweed Spirit  Flying Medicine Man  

Spiral Hawk Dancer Spiral Hawk Dancer  Strutting Bird Spirit Strutting Bird Spirit  Raven Spirit Raven Spirit  Double Trouble Double Trouble  Sun Warrior Sun Warrior

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