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Metta: Goddess of Loving Kindness
lignum vitae    21" by 9" by 5"
private collection

Like Compression, this is another carving from the very dense wood lignum vitae. The doctor at the women's prison with whom I worked saw the piece of wood in my studio one day and said "I want whatever you carve out of that." I have never had such an open-ended commission since. Since the doctor wanted to put the sculpture in her prison office, I wanted to make an image of a generous and grounded woman who would never burn out or founder, no matter what obstacle she faced. I created the hand positions or mudras to suggest how positive energy is filtered and channeled through the heart and then stored in reserve in the belly. Imagine my surprise when one day while flipping through a National Geographic magazine I came upon ancient stone carvings of female dancers from Angor Wat in Cambodia with exactly the same mudra!


Shaman Mask 12
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