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Kathy's Archive of Sculptures

Cracked Woman 

Cracked Woman
black walnut      60" tall
private collection

I like to carve in wood and stone because wood and stone are so alive. I've tried to put my carvings into bronze, but it just doesn't feel the same. I guess I don't have an affinity for metal. Too cold, except when it's molten. Then I like it a lot!
I apprenticed for fifteen years with sculptor Gordon Newell, my uncle by marriage. Henry and I lived in Darwin, California near Gordon's studio during one of his most prolific periods. Gordon passed on to me a love of hand tools and the traditional method of carving, chip by chip. I wrote about this apprenticeship in my memoir Seeing Into Stone: A Sculptor's Journey which you can read more about by clicking the Books tab at left. The first chapter describes my dilemma carving this figure when I realized that the wood was splitting right down the middle of her face.


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