Aikido is the Japanese martial art of self-defense and peaceful reconciliation that teaches us to blend with an attack and redirect its force so that no one is hurt. Aikido principles of ground, center, extension, entering, and 360-degree awareness enrich our daily lives  and encourage the development of  self-expression, community ,and peaceful leadership skills. This is a low-impact, soft style class suitable for all levels of ability, especially older students. Children eight years or older are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

Please wear loose comfortable clothes or a gi.

Kathy is a second-degree black belt and author of Aikido Off the Mat: one  woman’s journey using Aikido principles to stay sane in body, mind, and spirit 

  • Saturdays 10 am to noon  starting January 11, 2020
  • $10  suggested mat fee
  • join anytime
  • 13201 Chamisa Trail near the KOA campground
  • More info: Kathy  Park at 719 480-9813 or 589-2897